All vignettes

hdWGCNA in spatial transcriptomics

Tutorial for applying the core functions of hdWGCNA in spatial transcriptomics data.

hdWGCNA in single-cell data

Tutorial for applying the core functions of hdWGCNA in single-cell data.

Consensus network analysis

Tutorial for performing consensus co-expression network analysis.

Module customization

Tutorial for customizing module colors and module names in hdWGCNA.

Differential module eigengene (DME) analysis

Tutorial for performing differential module eigengene analysis.

Enrichment analysis

Tutorial for performing enrichment analysis with hdWGCNA.

Vignettes overview

Document showing an overview of the different analysis vignettes.

Isoform co-expression network analysis with PacBio MAS-Seq

Full Seurat clustering and hdWGCNA analysis tutorial of PacBio MAS-Seq PBMC dataset.

Module preservation and reproducibility

Tutorial for performing module preservation tests in hdWGCNA.

Module Trait Correlation

Tutorial for identifying relationships between hdWGCNA modules with biological and technical variables.

Motif Analysis

Tutorial for identifying transcription factor binding motifs that are related to hdWGCNA modules.

Network Visualization

Tutorial for visualizing the hdWGCNA networks using igraph.

Alternative metacell algorithms

Tutorial for performing co-expression network analysis using alternative metacell aggregation algorithms.

Projecting modules to new datasets

Tutorial for applying the core functions of hdWGCNA.

Cross-species and cross-modality analysis

Projecting hdWGCNA co-expression modules across species and -omics modalities.

Using SCTransform normalized data

Tutorial demonstrating hdWGCNA with SCTransform normalized data.